St Ivan The Terrible



St. Ivan the Terrible, “Mr. Terrible” is a long time veteran in the rap game. Hailing from the birthplace of Hip Hop (the Bronx); Ivan has always been very much involved with every aspect of the “culture.” He started out his early years beat-boxing for friends and banging on lunch room tables, providing beats for them as they rapped in ciphers. He himself would dabble with free-styling, and to his friends’ surprise & amazement, one day he unleashed. Looking up to some of the greats, he wrote his first rhyme at the age of 13, and he began perfecting his craft and taking what he wrote seriously. Everything that he sets his mind to do, he does with a “take no prisoners” mentality. From life, the streets, to the microphone, Ivan brings to the game a no nonsense style. He’s aggressive, yet displays humility and kindness. He’s informative, as well as uplifting, and can paint vivid, cinematic pictures through his words.

He was once a rhyming partner (during their earlier years) to the late battle rapper extraordinaire “PH” (Pumpkinhead), while DJ Infamous Haze (formerly of Black Wall Street) was their one time Producer/DJ. That partnership created their bond, but artistically they were on two different planes. At which time “PH” thought it best to end the partnership, and he began to follow his artistic endeavors with another partner. They remained close and still represented one another and supported each other’s ideas and visions.

Not too long after, Ivan formed another group, (along with DJ Infamous Haze) with a childhood friend from his neighborhood (in the Bronx). Professionally, St. Ivan has had the opportunity of signing with two major labels during this time with the group. However, ties began to severe due to personal issues and ways of life, as well as business/creative differences. During which time, St. Ivan himself started to spiral down a path that most Black & Latino young men do not come back from. The stories are all the same; just narrated differently from different perspectives. Be it; hustling, robbing, stealing, violence, or drugs. St. Ivan began to see a lot of his childhood/neighborhood friends pass away. Not just in the Bronx, but around the city in which he developed alliances throughout the 5 boroughs. Ivan began to be more focused in his Faith and changing his life for the better, and started to abandon his gift. Till he was encouraged and advised to continue to pursue his dreams and utilize those talents God had blessed him with. He's been involved with groups before, and has had the pleasure and privilege of working alongside many renowned artists of extreme mainstream caliber, and within the underground. Now he has determined within himself to apply those same ethics and hard work as a soloist. We have yet to witness the full potential of this multi faceted artist, mc, performer, producer, and writer. Stay tuned…